Your company logo is the central element that offers instant recognition for your company or organization. The design team at Boreal Technical Marketing has designed many logos and word marks that have become central to the brand identity of many of our clients.

We will work with you to identify the key elements of your logo so that it matches the nature and style of your organization. We work closely with you to select colour, graphic design, and font selection. We will present several alternatives, refine the design, and produce high quality finished vector art.

It is very important that your designer provides vector art as part of the finished item. Vector art can be seamlessly scaled from the tiny logo that might be used on a pen, to the large logos that might be used on the side of a truck, a building, or even on a huge billboard, with no loss of sharpness or clarity.

Here are some sample of logos the we have designed:




boreal_logo_standardIt will come as no surprise that we designed our own logo! Our graphics artists rendered a stylized image of a pine tree, the dominant species of the Boreal Forest. The rich green evokes has been adopted as our corporate colour, and features prominently on our website. The company name is rendered in Optima, a classic, easy to read font, that scales well.




The SalesBrewers is a team of marketing professionals that offer a range of services in support of their clients sales and marketing needs. The rich blue and yellow “swooshes” encompasses the company name, representing way that marketing surrounds the efforts of a successful business. The company name is rendered in a calligraphic font that represents the importance of classic graphic design in modern marketing.



Concrete Protection & Restoration Inc. is a contractor that offers a wide range of concrete services. They are most noted for the sensitive and high quality work that they have done in restoring important historical structures in the Baltimore and Washington areas. The company is most recognized by its initials, CP&R. We rendered the initials in a bold graphic font. We knew that the logo would appear in many places, from trucks to signs, and on irregular surfaces like the vests and hard hats worn by their workers on-site. We chose a font that had thick, bold elements that would silk screen or embroider well.


Primary Solution & Controls is a distributor of industrial and automation controls and instrumentation. We chose a bold arrow to represent the active roll that automation plays in the industrial process. We selected a bold, somewhat playful font, to render the company name suggesting fresh and innovative thinking, a key feature in modern automation.

TheBrandedColorLogoThe Branded Pixel is an innovative company that places Photo Booths at corporate events to help companies promote their events through social media. The graphic element represents the aperture vanes found in a high quality camera lens. The multi coloured palette represents the impact of a colour photograph.

PARC 50th Logo


We designed this logo for the 50th anniversary of the Peel Amateur Radio Club. Since their anniversary coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Maple Leaf flag, they wanted a maple leaf to feature prominently in the logo, but they wanted a unique maple leaf. One of our graphic artists spent an afternoon collecting leaves from local maple trees, and based this original rendering on one of the leaves that he found. He added a large 50, and lightening bolts to represent radio emissions.



Sun and Fun Florida Rentals offers rental properties near Walt Disney World in Florida. In keeping with the philosophy of “sell the sizzle, not the steak”, we wanted the logo to suggest that the company’s product was more than just a rental porperty; it was a fun vacation. Using Adobe Illustrator, we rendered a cheery sun, and added selected a whimsical font to render the company name.

Elmar Boris

Elmar Electric Limited is an electrical contractor with offices in Makham and Hamilton, Ontario. We worked with them to increase their corporate profile. In addition to a new website, we also designed a new logo. Since a lightening bolt is frequently associated with all things electrical. We selected complementary colours for punch. As part of the company’s branding campaign, we will be embroidering the logo on hats and shirts, so we selected a chinky font that will embroider well.