Do I Need a Blog?

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Blogs (short for Web Log) started as a type of social media, basically a diary-on-line.  As the format became popular, software was written to make posting to a blog quick and easy. A blog is just a specially formatted web … Continued

Watch the Jargon

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I had the pleasure of working for a couple of Fluke distributors over the years. One of Fluke’s premiere products was a line of process calibrators that featured the ability to save calibration measurements and document the readings via software. … Continued

The Key is a Consistent Look

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A consistent look is the key to a successful marketing program. This must be carried to every article that will be seen by your customers, including advertisements, web pages, catalogues, letterhead, fax templates, business cards, blogs, invoices and boxes to … Continued

Do You Recycle?

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Everyone seems to be on the environmental bandwagon these days. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being environmentally responsible; I just hate when people do it to be fashionable, not because they are … Continued

A Source of Leads

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Last week I was driving Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga. I used go down there quite a bit, but not recently. Then it hit me. I used to have several customers there, but most of them are gone! It got me … Continued

Happy Family Day

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Much of Canada is celebrating Family Day today. I hope that you will have a chance to enjoy the holiday, and especially to spend some time with your family. So often we get tied up in work, spending hours chasing … Continued

Learn From the Masters

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Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. is widely regarded as one of the masters of the fine art of presentation. Check out his recent launch of the new iPad at to see why. He seems very casual, and at … Continued

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