Search Engine Optimization

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Recently one of my customers asked me to sit in on a presentation made by Yellow Pages (they represent Google in Canada) to consider a pay-per-click marketing campaign on Google. I had built a web site for this customer, and … Continued

Backup Your Web Site

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I recently had a customer referred to me because his web site had been hacked. When you visited his URL his site was gone, replaced by a phishing web site (a site that fakes a real site, and tries to … Continued

Happy New Year

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Well here we are, back and well-rested after the holidays. I hope you took some time off to spend with friends and family. Now you are back, hard at it to start off the new year. The New Year is … Continued

Everybody Loves a Story

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Many years ago I was calling on a customer at the University of Montreal. He used a lot of plastic centrifuge tubes (these are tubes that are spun at high speed in a centrifuge to separate samples), and he was … Continued

Watch Those 10% Discounts

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I’ve noticed a trend lately.  Maybe it’s because of the tough economy, but lately everywhere I go in our business, folks are asking for a discount. And being good, customer oriented marketers, we tend to say, “sure”, and give a … Continued

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