Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

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Wow, this is a tough one! They were talking on the radio today about appropriate seasons greetings. Should you say “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy Holidays”? Whichever you choose, you are bound to offend someone.

If you say “Merry Christmas” you run the risk of offending someone who does not celebrate Christmas. If you say “Happy Holidays” you risk offending people who see this as an “attack” on their special holiday.

Personally, I think we tend to get far too upset. For my part, I will accept whatever greeting I am offered, without judgement. A heart felt and sincere “Merry Christmas” from someone who loves the season and its traditions, is not meant to offend. If someone instead chooses to say “Happy Holidays”, in an attempt to avoid offense, I accept the effort, and will not take offense. An it they say “Happy Holidays” because they are uncomfortable with “Merry Christmas” for whatever reason, I respect that too.

For my part, the Christmas season is a time for family and friends, great food, and sharing gifts. It makes me both Merry and Happy. And, if you choose not to celebrate the season for whatever reason, its still nice to take a few days off. So Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, don’t worry, be happy!