Incorporate QR Codes Into Your Internet Marketing Plan

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Have you seen these odd pixellated graphics showing up everywhere? They are QR Codes (Quick Response), and they are a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog. A QR code is a two dimensional bar code, and can contain a variety of information, including text, a website URL, a phone number, or an e-mail address. The great thing about QR Codes is that you don’t need a special bar code reader to read them. Any camera equipped smart phone can read them. You will need to install an app on your phone (I am currently using Qrafter on my iPhone). There are a variety of apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile, and most are free, or just a few dollars.

You can put QR Codes just about anywhere. Put a QR Code on your business card to allow customers to quickly and easily add your contact information to their address book. Include a QR Code in a print ad or data sheet to take customers to your order page, or to more detailed information. Put a sign with a QR Code in your trade show booth to link customers to your website.

Your imagination is the limit. Why not print a QR Code on a t-shirt and walk around a trade show to see if anyone scans you? You can put a big QR Code on a billboard or on the side of your delivery truck. Put a QR Code on your front door in case a customer comes by when you are closed, and link them to your e-commerce page.

If you have any good ideas that I haven’t suggested, leave a comment. If you would like a free QR Code to play with, send me an e-mail at, tell me what site you want to link to, and I will send you a custom QR Code.