Looping Movies on iPad

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At trade shows you often see videos running in a continuous loop on someones laptop. If you have a short, compelling video, it’s not a bad idea. Trouble is, a laptop is not a very good device for this purpose. The screen is too low, and the keyboard just begs to be messed with.

I have often thought that my iPad would be a better video presentation device. It is light enough that is can be mounted higher up on the booth at a better viewing angle, and it is just a screen, perfect for video display. The one problem that I encountered, there is no way to play a video in a continuous loop. The video plays through once, then stops, and you have to hit play again to continue.

Then I discovered Loopyloopy, a nice little app available from the App Store. Loopyloopy does just one thing, it plays a chosen video over and over in a continuous loop until you stop it, or until your iPad battery runs out.

Best of all, Loopyloopy is free! Give it a try.

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