Project a Consistent Image

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We work hard to make sure our company is in front of our customers. The goal of course, is that they will think of us the next time they need to buy, and think of us first, before our competition. So we use many tools, personal selling, data sheets, journal advertising, the web.

It is very important that we project a coherent and unified image. If we develop “a look”, then our marketing materials will be recognizable. Our customers will begin to recognize us, and even a glance at something will remind them of us. We will become familiar, even a comfortable part of their day to day business.So how do we achieve this lofty goal? Consistent Image!

Start with your company logo. Is it simple, clean, easy to read? Do you have a black and white version that you can use where colour printing is not practical, like on shipping cartons for example? Are you satisfied with your logo? Great, now use it everywhere! Sure, there are obvious places: catalogues, data sheets, web sites, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signs and trade show booths. But are you hitting everything? Make sure your logo is on other documents like packing lists and invoices. You can imbed graphics in an e-mail. Make sure all of your employees have a standard signature for their e-mail that includes your logo.

I mentioned shipping cartons. I love this one. I can’t tell you how often I have recognized logos on shipping cartons sitting in instrument shops or stores departments, sometimes for weeks or months; a big billboard with your logo on it!

Now lets get into more subtle consistency. You should have a corporate colour. It may already be part of your logo. Work with your printer or consultant and determine the Pantone number for your chosen colour. You can then specify the Pantone number when you are having materials printed to ensure that your colour is consistent on everything you have printed.

On printed materials and the web, use a consistent layout and font. Everyone in your organization should have the same templates for letterhead, quotes, and proposals. This look can evens spill over to mundane materials like packing lists, invoices and statements.

If you take the time to build this consistent look, then your profile and recognizability to your customers will be enhanced by everything that you do.

Do you need help to build a consistent image, design a logo, marketing materials or a web presence. Give us a call for a free needs assessment.