Search Engine Optimization

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Recently one of my customers asked me to sit in on a presentation made by Yellow Pages (they represent Google in Canada) to consider a pay-per-click marketing campaign on Google. I had built a web site for this customer, and in the course of the presentation the Google rep checked the site to see how well I had optimized the web site for search engine optimization.

So what is search engine optimization, or SEO for short? This is the process of coding a web site (the computer code that the end user of the site doesn’t normally see) so that it will be properly searched and indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I was pleased to hear that I had done a good job of SEO on the site. I was ┬ásurprised to hear that most web designers don’t do it well at all!

I decided to have a quick look at a bunch of web sites in the technical industry, and guess what, the Google guy was right. Most of the sites that I looked at had not done a very good job at making their sites search engine friendly. So why should we care about SEO? If we want our sites to be found by prospective customer searching Google and the like, we should care. Poor SEO will certainly result in our sites being listed well down the page, or worse on page two or higher, in a Google search.

So ask yourself, is your web site taking advantage of the benefits of good SEO? If you aren’t familiar with web site programming, and the techniques for SEO, find a good web designer who is. Optimizing your site is not complicated, and it will pay back many times from the ┬áleads coming form your web site.

Have you optimized your web site for SEO. Give us a call, we would be happy to look at your site and make a recommendation. And all of the sites that we build are optimized as they are built, from the ground up.