Write an Article

Here is a sure fire way to get your name in front of prospective customers. Write an article! What is your area of expertise? And don’t tell me you don’t have one. Consider your best selling product. How many hours have you spent making sales presentations on that product? You have read the manuals, done dozens or more hands on presentations, answered scores of customer questions. You have probably had additional training, visited the factory and spoken with the engineers and application people who designed the product.

Share your experience. Write an article about how your product solved an unusual problem or save your customer time and money. Involve your customers in the article. Interview them, get photos of the product in use, make them part of your circle of expertise. If you are not a great writer, co-author the article with someone who is, or get a ghost writer to take your notes or draft and turn it into a publishable work.

Journals in our industry are always looking for material. Call the editors of the journals you read to see if they are interested in submissions. Most journals have an editorial timetable for their upcoming issues. Ask for a copy, and write an article that meets the editorial focus of an upcomming issue, and you will almost certainly be published.

In addition to getting your name and company in front of prospective customers, writing an article establishes you as an expert in your field. Who do you think customers will call if they need something? The expert, of course!

Do you need help writing an article or getting it published? Give us a call. We can edit your article and help you get it in print in one of the local trade journals.