Show Season is Upon Us

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As the summer wraps up, we need to get ready for show season. Yes, show season is upon us! The first show in the process industry is the Southern Ontario Process Automation Show in Mississauga. For details, check out

Typically business in our industry tends to slow down in the summer as many customers take time off for vacation. After Labour Day, the kids will be back to school, the majority of our customers will be at work, and the phones will start ringing. Before you know it, your first show will be happening, and you will be scrambling to get ready.

Why not take advantage of these last few quiet days of summer to make sure you are ready. Pull out your exhibit booth and set it up. Order replacements for any broken parts. Be sure to check the lights, replace any blown bulbs, and toss some spares in the box. If you are not already using compact fluorescent lights, now is a good time to switch to them. They run cooler, and suck less current from the overloaded circuits that are common at many show venues.

Check out your graphics. Replace them if they are in poor shape or out-of-date.

Make sure that any demo equipment you might need is available, and use this advanced planning time to contact suppliers if you need to borrow something.

Check your literature inventory, and reorder or have new material printed. Consider a door prize as a way to get traffic to your table. Buy something appealing, and have a door prize sign prepared.

If you have to travel out of town for any shows, book your hotel now. Especially in smaller cities, you might not be able to get a room when a show is in town, so book early.

Now that you are well prepared, you can relax and enjoy the show without having the stress of scrambling at the last minute.

Do you need new signs, line cards, catalogues on CD or other show materials? Call us for a free, no obligation needs analysis to discuss your show needs.