Really Cheap but Effective Advertising

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Are you taking advantage of an inexpensive and effective form of advertising. I’m talking about the packages that you are shipping to your customers every day. There are a number of ways of taking advantage of your outgoing packages to market your company.

As a start, make sure that your company name and logo is prominently displayed on the outside of the box. You would be amazed by how many people see the box. On more than one occasion, I was greeted warmly by a receptionist who recognized my company as a regular supplier because she had seen my packages arriving by courier. If custom printed boxes are too expensive, have some large labels printed, and stick them on the outside of the box.

Make sure you put something in every outgoing box. I always received lots of catalogues from suppliers. Dropping a catalogue in the mail can be quite expensive, but a catalogue can usually ride along for free in an order. Include your latest sale flyer in every box, or print a special flyer just to go out with shipments. If nothing else is at hand, include a line card. You would be surprised by how many good customers are not familiar with the breadth of your product line. A single line card could clear that up.

You can even go a step further, and include a give away, like a pen or a mug with your logo and phone number. That’s an add that keeps on working.

Last, but not least, toss in a business card from your sales or customer service representative so that your customer can easily call for assistance or for a follow-up order.

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