What your e-mail address says about you

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Have you thought about what your e-mail address says about you? If you e-mail customers it is important. If you use e-mail to prospect for new customers it is critical!

If your e-mail address is your-name@your-company.ca, I assume that you are a real person at a real, established company that has taken the time to register a domain name and build a web site. If I don’t know you, I might take a few minutes to check out www.your-company.ca to learn about you, and I will certainly reply to your e-mail.

If your e-mail address is something like company-name@rogers.ca, or company-name@bell.ca I assume that you are a real person, since you have a real internet account with an internet service provider that I have heard of. I will probably read your e-mail, and will probably reply.

If your e-mail address is your-name@gmail.com or your-company@gmail.com I will probably assume that your e-mail is spam. You probably won’t be hearing back from me!

So if you don’t have a registered domain name, and you don’t use it for your company e-mail, what is holding you back. It is not very expensive, and nothing does a better job of saying “legitimate e-mail from legitimate company”.

Do you need help registering a domain name and setting up a proper e-mail system for your company? We can help. In fact, we provide this service for no extra charge if you contract with us to design and build your web site. Give us a call!