Lose an Order, Win a Customer for Life

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We are under enormous pressure to get orders. This is nothing new in sales, but these days, with the tough economy, the pressure is greater than ever. But whatever you do, don’t ever let the pressure to close the sale come before looking out for your customer.

Good professional sales people are problem solvers, and we forge successful relationships with our customers by finding solutions to their problems. But let’s be honest, we cannot solve every problem. And here is the danger. The pressure to get the sale can be so intense, we may be tempted to offer an inferior solution just to get an order. Don’t do it!

If you are honest with your customer and explain why you can’t offer a solution to a particular problem, they will appreciate your candour, and will come to appreciate you as an honest and trustworthy source. You may lose one order, but you will win a customer for life.

If your sales people need help building those winning relationships, give us a call. We can offer one-to-one sales coaching that can help your team master the skills of relationship selling.