The Key is a Consistent Look

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A consistent look is the key to a successful marketing program. This must be carried to every article that will be seen by your customers, including advertisements, web pages, catalogues, letterhead, fax templates, business cards, blogs, invoices and boxes to name a few.

I thought I would share what we are doing. Check out a selection of items that we have generated for our own in-house use.

Here is the consistent look that we are using. Our philosophy is that Technical Marketing should be simple, emphasizing content ahead of flashy bells and whistles. So we practice what we preach. Our logo, the green pine tree, represents the Boreal Forest, reflecting our Canadian roots. The Boreal Forest is a wealth of natural resources, the fuel that drives the process industry. So the tree has to be prominent on everything. The green colour of the tree is consistent, and we chose a “Web Safe Colour” (006600) so that the colours on our web page and blog match our printed material.

Ample use of white space is essential to the clean simple look, and becomes one of our design elements.

We use only two fonts. Helvetica is used in our masthead and logo, and elsewhere when we need a sans serif font. Helvetica is a classic font, that has won many awards for its simple beauty and ease of reading. When we need a serif font we use Times. Times is another classic font, and is readily available for use on the web and in most word processors.

The ultimate goal is to expose our customers to our look with such consistency that it becomes familiar. Then, when we send something new, our material will be instantly recognized. This is a principle that is well understood and practiced by big corporations, but is just as effective for small business. You can do it too!

Do you need help to design a consistent marketing look? We can help. Give us a call for a free needs analysis.