Do You Recycle?

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Everyone seems to be on the environmental bandwagon these days. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being environmentally responsible; I just hate when people do it to be fashionable, not because they are sincerely committed.

But let’s face it, environmentalism sells, so if you are truly committed why not let your inner environmentalist show. For example, we reuse good cardboard boxes when we ship to our customers. We clean them up so that they are presentable, and if they are in poor shape, we recycle them. I had a label printed for the reused boxes. It’s subtle, shows our green side, and explains to our customers that we are reusing the box, not because we are cheap (we probably spend more cleaning up the boxes than it would cost to buy new ones), but because we care about the environment.

By the way, we have never had a customer contact us and ask us to stop sending them reused boxes.

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