Why Not Give Away a Web Cam?

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I’ve been chatting with several colleagues about selling in the 21st century. There was a time when a sales call meant a road trip, or even a plane trip. Very costly, very time consuming, but to meet face to face, it was the only way.

If you have been following the blog, you know that I have been preaching the virtues of video conferencing. A video conference goes a long way towards filling the needs of a face-to-face meeting, but is way cheaper than hopping on a plane.

I use Skype all the time. It offers excellent quality, and it’s free! Even the more capable commercial offerings, like Go-To-Meeting for example, are still less than $50 a month.

But occasionally I run into a small problem. Not everyone has a webcam, and you probably can’t talk a customer into buying one just to have a video conference with you. Then I went shopping at one of my favourite computer stores where I saw Microsoft Web Cams for $32.00. And this was not even a big sale, that was the regular price. That’s when it hit me. If you have a good potential customer that you want to video conference with, and they don’t have a web cam, why not just buy them one? It’s a bold move, yet it’s less than the price of a tank of gas and way less than the price of a hotel, meals, or a plane ticket.

I wager that the customer you buy a web cam for won’t soon forget you!

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