Why I Love the iPad

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Apple’s new iPad hits the streets in about a month. I love it. I want one! I will confess to being an Apple fan boy, but in fairness, the Apple products that I have purchased have served me well.

Seriously, I think that the iPad has great potential as a sales tool. The iPad will run Keynote, my favourite presentation software, so you will be able to share a presentation with a customer with ease.

Imagine, you can carry your full collection of data sheets with you in an easy to view format. Just pull up the data sheet you need, and hand your iPad to your customer.

I have previously suggested that you carry a camera with you. Whenever you can, take pictures of your products installed and in use. Then pull them up on your iPad when you are on a sales call.

Here’s another good idea that I have used (you don’t need an iPad to do this, but it will make it easy). When a customer asks for information, show it to them on your web site. This reinforces the fact that you have a good, functional and useful web site (you do, don’t you?) and encourages your customer to use it.

It looks to have a good calendar and address book application, tools that every sales person needs.

I am sure more ideas will come to mind when I get one in my hot little hands. I’ll keep you posted!

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