Professional Web Design Rocks

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There are lots of tools these days that make it possible to design and publish your own web site. These home brewed web sites can even look pretty good. But there are many good reasons to have a professional web designer do your site, or a least review and edit your work.

Let’s first consider, why do we even want a web site? In today’s business world, not having a web page would be like not being listed in the phone book a few years ago. These days, the first place customers are likely to go looking for you is the web. For that reason alone, you need a web site.

But your web site says a lot more. ┬áMany customers’ first impression of your company is your web site. You want it to project a positive professional image of your company. Here is where a pro can make a difference. A good designer can build a great looking page, but even more important, a very functional page that is easy to use and navigate. They will place elements on the page so that they are easy to find, and will make the site easy to navigate.

Do you remember when everyone used Netscape to browse the web? When Microsoft introduced their Internet Explorer in the late 90s everything changed. Today, your customer will browse your web site with a variety of browsers: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more. A professional web designer will make sure that your web site looks good and works well on all of the popular browsers. Seems like a small thing, but it is very easy to home brew a web site that will look terrible, or even be totally unusable on some browsers.

The other thing that a professional can do for you is make sure that your web site will be found by the popular search engines. A good web site is nice, but it doesn’t do you much good if your customers can’t find it!

There is no doubt, investing in the services of a professional web designer can ensure that you have a great looking, professional web site, that will work well on all the major browsers, and will draw customers to your site, generating leads and driving sales.

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