Check Out Our New Web Site

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I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our new web site at Check it out! And if you are a great lover of our blog, no worries, the web site does not replace the blog. We’ll keep blogging.

The new web site gives me another opportunity to address some of the topics that we’ve covered here on the blog. We do practice what we preach. Open up the site, have a look, and then come back here, and we can discuss a few key points.

You’re back! Great. I’m sure you noticed right away, the web site looks a lot like this blog. I have previously stressed the importance of a common marketing theme. Note the same logo, the general layout, the extensive use of white space, the limited use of fonts. The look we are aiming for is simple, clean and functional. Clearly the blog and the website come from the same company.

When you get a chance, open the site using a variety of web browsers. Our new site looks great, and in fact looks exactly the same in all of the popular browsers. And it opens fast. There are no fancy animations, videos or music. In fact we have completely avoided the use of Flash (Flash as in the multimedia web program, not “flashy”) Don’t get me wrong, there are appropriate places for Flash, just not in a business to business web site.

Check out the navigation links. It’s pretty obvious where to click, and as you travel through the site, the links stay in the same place, and it is easy to get back to the home page.

One of my pet peeves on many web sites is that I can’t figure out how to contact the company! Notice that the Contact button on our site is on every page, near the top, nice and easy to find.

Finally, when you navigate to the contact page, if you take a moment to fill in our form and hit send, you will quickly receive a confirming e-mail, consistent with my premise that prompt follow-up is all important.

Do you need help in building an effective web site that will bring in sales leads. Give us a call to set up a free, no obligation needs analysis.