Get In Print For Free

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The trade journals in our industry are always on the hunt for good technical content. They will be grateful for your help. A press release may get you in print for free.

What are they looking for? Basically two things, industry news and new product news. Have you picked up a new product line, signed a new distribution agreement, opened a new office, or expanded into a new territory? Maybe you have a new President or other senior manager. Have you acquired another company in the industry, taken on a new partner, or negotiated a merger. These are all valid news stories that the journals are interested in printing. Send them a well written press release. They may publish it verbatim, or your press release may prompt a follow up that could result in them publishing a longer article.

New product news is always welcome. Prepare a short punchy press release that briefly explains the key features of your new product, and who might use it. Including a good product photo significantly increases the odds of your press release being published.

Get on the advertisers mailing list for your favourite journals. Take note of the deadlines for advertising copy, and use these as a guideline for getting in your press releases. Most journals have a product or industry editorial focus for each issue. If your press release matches the editorial focus, your odds of getting published are even better.

And let’s be honest, if you advertise with the journal, they are more likely to take an interest in your press releases! It helps, but don’t let that hold you back. The editorial staff at our industry’s journals are very professional, and they will print your legitimate industry news.

We can help you prepare great press releases that have a good shot at finding their way into print. Call us for a free consultation.