Show Season

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Show season is starting soon. Are you ready? You should be! Don’t get caught a day or two before your show, scrambling around trying to get ready. Lets face it, shows are expensive and time consuming. You don’t want to waste your investment of time an money by preparing at the last minute.

Start by pulling out your display. Set it up, and make sure that nothing is broken. Are the lights there, and do they work? Do you have spare bulbs? Give everything a good clean, and order replacement parts if you need them.Are your signs current? Did you pick up any new products or vendors since the last show season?

I like to put together a “go box”. Get a decent sized Rubbermaid tote, and load it up with all the things you might need at a show: power bars, extension cords, table cloth, duct tape, electrical tape, spare light bulbs, pens, a door prize box, literature holders, sales lead forms, spare batteries, a small tool kit.

Make sure that any equipment you need for your shows will be available. Will you be borrowing from a vendor? Ask them early (first come first served?) and arrange to have everything a few days early so that you can check it out.

A bit of pre-planning will ensure that you have a good show, and it will save you a lot of stress and bother a few days before the show.

Do you need help preparing for your show season? Do you need new signs or other show related materials? We can help. Call to book a free needs analysis.