Nobody Sends Hand Written Notes Any More

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There is no denying that e-mail and text messages have made it easy to keep in touch. But electronic communications are so impersonal. Nobody takes the time to send a hand written note any more. And that’s why a hand written note really stands out from the crowd.

E-mails are easy to ignore or delete, but a hand written note, in a hand addressed envelope with a real stamp just begs to be read.I’m not suggesting that you abandon e-mail, but every now and then, take a few minutes to hand write a note to a customer. Send a thank you note for an order. Or maybe you can cut an article out of a journal that you think a customer might find interesting.

Its not much, but consider this, nobody does it any more. Anything you can do to stand out from the crowd will make you remembered. And it’s being remembered that brings in orders.

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